Momin Mobeen Khan
B.A.(H) English
Momin is an energetic worker who orders with every breath; and a caring individual. He likes to write, sing, act, and most of all, talk. He knows where to let it loose and where to tighten up the reigns.


Shabeeh Rahat
B.A.(H) English

Wafia Kissa
B.A.(H) English
Enjoys being with people. Silent with most, noisy with friends. Doesn't sugar coat or beat around the bush. Very optimistic. Insomniac. Works hard, parties harder. Eats a lot and smiles a lot more!

Vismaiy Avasthi
B.A.(H) English
Vismaiy, an undergrad student of English Literature, at JMI, is usually seen early in the campus with a cup of tea, which to him is what honey is to a grizzly. A team player, and a wide ranged lover of music and food, Vismaiy always pays his debts.

Content and Articles 

Sadia Khan
B.A.(H) English

Arifa Samreen
B.A.(H) English

Zainab Abrar
B.A.(H) English

Iqra Meraj

Shailja Verma
MA Public Administration


Nabeel Siddiqui

The boy with an innocent smile loves to write, debate, and capture expressions on his camera lens.Currently burns his energy on the football field, he aspires to become a military personnel.

Mohammad Zaid
B.A. Mass Media

Zaid is pursuing his graduation in Mass Media from JMI. He is an aspiring writer, actor, anchor and a photographer. He loves to take part in extra-curricular activities always.

Sushank Jain

Shushank Jain, his friends call him Jain is a passionate singer, and likes to spend his free time testing his vocal chords or operating his Canon 1100-D. He is a knowledge bank of the ancient Indian mythology, and hopes to make a difference in the world.

Kashif Shakeel

A dubstep freak and a complete package of laughter. The only thing he is serious abut is Liverpool F.C. A passionate photographer hoping to crack CPT.

Nitin Kumar
BA (H) Mass Media

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