MiRAAS Makers - More to come..

Finally, MiRAAS 2013 has concluded, or should I say..has begun for Jamia Millia Islamia. Flags rose high and so did our spirits, and the air was filled with MiRAAS MAGIC!
The First day was 'MiRAAS Statement' declaimed, or rather sung with music, as claimed by our Dean, Students' Welfare.
The Second day was poise, 'MiRAAS Voice, heels and high fives, debaters all around and dances, whirls and rounds.
The Third Day and the THIRD BELL, drama was the 'MiRAAS Madness'
Simultaneously, Literary, Management, and Fine arts gave something sans which MiRAAS wouldn't have been such magical.

Thanks to all the participants.

In the end, thanks to all the volunteers who made MiRAAS.

Its time to acknowledge the MiRAAS Makers. See for yourself who they were..

Mr Vice-Chancellor

He has been our ultimate support throughout MiRAAS 2013. We thank him for his benevolence.

Head, Cultural Committee, Office of the Dean, Students' Welfare
     She is the one with whom MiRAAS learnt to walk, run and then fly.

The Commendable Conveners
     MiRAAS wouldn't have seen the light of the day if not for the support from each club and its convener. Thank you all.

The TRIO; Without their zeal to work endlessly, without their constant efforts and without their positive attitude, MiRAAS couldn't have been as big a venture as it has become.

The MiRAAS Makers
The TEAM worked night and day to make it huge. And yes..it became!
Congratulations to each one of them to have been a part of MiRAAS

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